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Ranch and Wildlife Expo at HLSR Feburaury 27th-March1st Located in NRG Center Mezzanine East

Beginning of the journey

Beginning of the journey

I love creating new things, mixing the old with something new and seeing a new purpose!

 I love hats!!! How they can give you a sense of empowerment and elegance, just by wearing them!

 I love encouraging others and supporting them in being their very best self!

I love collaborating with people and making connection and hearing their stories of resilience!

 Doing what entrepreneurs do , I looked for a way to build a business that I could incorporate all of these things that I love and formed Animo Hat Company.

Everywhere I go somebody will say “ I love your hat”  and it sparks conversation and before you know it, we’ve built a connection. 

So,  we are on this journey of discovery, discovering who we will meet and what we will learn about ourselves and others along the way .