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Ranch and Wildlife Expo at HLSR Feburaury 27th-March1st Located in NRG Center Mezzanine East



Connection - We all long for it.

We are humans designed to be in relationship with one another. 

Our first private event I witnessed an amazing thing happen.  

Old friends were reunited and new friends were made.  

 People from all walks of life enjoyed one another’s company, brought encouragement to one another and had fun ...... all over hats.   

It just reinforced what I already believe to be true,  we all want to belong to something, and not just anything, but something that is meaningful. We want to know we are a part of something that matters, that our life matters.

Your life matters and there is a place, actually many places, where you can find connection and put yourself out there. I am doing it with hats!!!! Find your “hat” or be a part of ours. If you want to encourage others to keep moving forward, don’t give up,  join us. Animo!!