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Ranch and Wildlife Expo at HLSR Feburaury 27th-March1st Located in NRG Center Mezzanine East



Ranee Cress Hat DesignerTrust – that was my word for 2022, trust the process, trust others, trust God and trust myself.  Little did I realize how quickly I would be leaning into this trust as I have had an avalanche of opportunities already. 

Welcome to my first blog, first hat company, first retail business and first social media engagement.  I will be sharing with you my wins and oops, my ups and downs, my exciting news and frustrations.  All with the purpose to build community of encouragement and support.   

First question I get is “how did you start designing and accessorizing hats?” I quickly realized people aren’t wanting to know the ‘how”, they want to know the “why”, because discovering someone else’s “why” can lead to connection, a common ground, maybe stir something deep within themselves.  I’ve answered that question on a superficial level, explaining the circumstances that ignited my interest, however, the why is much deeper. 

Circumstances (going to a hat bar and designing my own hat) was the catalyst that awakened a desire, a passion that I had suffocated out of what I believed was necessity.  I had not allowed creativity to exists in my life due to the obligations and responsibilities mostly I put on myself.  God (I will talk about my relationship with God a lot) graciously kept the embers burning enough for a small activity to fan the creative desire into a flame that I finally gave myself permission to pursue. 

Animo Hat Company is the pursuit of that passion.