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Ranch and Wildlife Expo at HLSR Feburaury 27th-March1st Located in NRG Center Mezzanine East



A one-on-one experience either in person or virtual where you work with me in creating your own unique design. 

First, you will complete a short idea sheet to decide the direction you want to go.  Are you designing for a group, a special event or to honor your own unique story? 

Second, after reviewing it, we will meet to discuss the scope of your project and decide the amount of time needed to make it all you could ever imagine. Estimated cost will be discussed at this time. 

Third, then the fun begins!! After understanding your story, we will work together to create a design that is as unique and beautiful as the journey or event you are wanting to honor. 

Truly an experience that promises to be enlightening and affirming.  

Cost: $75 nonrefundable deposit to book. Deposit is applied to purchase. Cost is depends on the items used in the design and time devoted to the process.


Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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